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Baby Blankets & Pillow Cases

I have several different styles of blankets that will be include here.  Stroller/Car Seat Blankets.  These will vary in size by an inch or two, but average 29x 30.  They are 2 layers thick with one layer being a cute cotton print, and the other is a soft minky fabric.  I will also have some lovey type blankets. These adorable lovies are great for babies/toddlers, as they are super soft and snuggly and easy for them to hold.  They come in a variety of styles and materials and range in size from about 12x12 to 18x18. Pattern placement may be different that what is shown in photos, and on blankets that have tags, the tags may be different as well. The receiving blankets are approx. 30x30 and are single layer flannel.   Pillow cases are available in both standard size and travel size.  The main part of the case will be a cute 100% cotton or cotton flannel print, and the cuff will be either cotton, flannel, or minky- see description of each item for type of fabric