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About Cute Cloth Creations

Many people have decided that using disposable items is a huge waste of money, and are turning back to cloth like our families in the past have done. Everything from napkins, tissues, toilet paper, paper towels, diapers, make up removers, dusters, diapers, and feminine hygiene products can be made from cloth and re-used.  I have not ventured into making  diapers and feminine hygiene items yet, maybe someday.

I also love to make baby blankets.  I will have a large selection of smaller (lovey sized) prints, as well as a few larger baby blankets as well.  Please take a few minutes to browse the site and see what I have to offer.   

When my sixtee year old daughter was born, we decided to use cloth diapers. After having washed a few disposable wipes that accidentally ended up in the diapers, I decided to make my own that could just be washed at the same times as the diapers.  Then I started making them to sell on Ebay as well, and did this for about 10 years.  Then life took over. I was taking care of my ailing/disabled father and we moved to a new state, so sewing was put on the back burner for awhile. I am back, with many more cloth items, as well as some items that are not cloth,  I will also have items on Ebay (seller name: tupperjacci) and Etsy (CuteClothCreations)

I have a wide variety of prints available, from baby to adult, girl/boy specific as well as gender neutral. My prints/fabric do change frequently, so if you are ordering a variety set, the prints that you see in the photos may or may not be included. I do have some sets available that show the exact prints you will receive for those that don't like surprises.  

I will have a "Seconds" section where the prices will be a little lower for the imperfects.  Those could be anything from the items just aren't all the same size (which is the most common) to something with a skipped stitch.   They are still just as usable, and just a cute as the others and a great deal. 

All of my items are handmade by me in our smoke free, pet friendly home.  I try to keep the critters out of my sewing room, but sometimes my  2 legged children forget to close the door and the 4 legged, furry children sneak in.  I try my best to make sure there are no dog/cat hairs on your items, but there is always a possibility I might miss one on occasion.