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Penguin single layer 10x10 - wipes, family cloth, napkin, unpaper towels, toilet paper

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This set of flannel unpaper towels are  single layer and 10x10. The flannel will stick to itself and can be wrapped around a paper towel holder for convenience in the kitchen. Great size for napkin, or as hand drying towels in the kitchen/bath. For some reason my kids can NOT keep a regular hand towel hanging in the bathroom. It always ends on up the counter or floor.  These are a perfect solution, I keep a basket on the counter with clean ones, and a basket on the back of the toilet for used ones.  It also is great if you are having guests over, everyone gets a fresh towel, no worrying about who used it before them. 

This set includes 8 single layer wipes. 

Made from 100% flannel that will become more absorbent after it has been washed several times

Size: approx 10x10

Edges are serged for durability.

These wipes have not been pre-washed and will shrink a little bit after washing. Please wash in warm water prior to using.

Some sets I have listed are different sizes, and some have been prewashed, so if you are ordering different prints that you want to use together, please double check the size and to see if it has been prewashed or not. 

Our home is smoke free, and pet friendly.

The photo that shows the set on a paper towel holder is not the print you will receive, it is just a set I had rolled up to show how they will look.